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I have finally returned (sort off..)

Well my switch from Word Press wasn't as painless as I had hoped.  Unable to retrieve the information from my old Blog combined with problems with my own computer I have been forced to basically start my new Blog from scratch.  I have to give it to the guy's at Square Space, they have made setting up the new Blog very easy, and most important of all if I ever decide to switch, I can download everything and move it easily.  

Moving forward, as frustrating as the move has been I have decided to look upon this as a way cleaning out the cobwebs and start with a fresh new outlook.  While I will repost some of my old posts, I have decided to put more time into what's new.   I am especially looking forward to collaborative tools over the next moth such as Manymoon, a free Google App specifically designed from Project Management.  As well I am very excited about MS Project 2010, I have seen a preview of it and there are some impressive new features, which I will talk about as I take it for a test drive.

So to my old readers (co-conspirators), sorry it took me so long to come back.  Too any new members welcome, and be sure to leave me any comments or questions.  I don't ask people to register as I believe in the open and transparent concept of the web.

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