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PMI's Agile Certification

Recently PMI has announced that it will be offering an Agile certification.   

As this is just the beginning you can bet that there will be many iterations before this finalized.

However for those interested in getting on the ground floor visit www.pmi.org/agile it contains all the information regarding this initiative.

As I am interested in this I will be posting regular updates as the certification progresses.

Before I go into further details, I would like to acknowledge that I have seen a number of debates regarding the usefulness of this or any other certification.  As well as what makes this any better then those who posses certification such as (CSM) Certified Scrum Master, see www.scrum.org.

It’s not my attempt to try and persuade anyone as to which is better or the value of certification in general but provide simple fact for those who are interested in pursuing PMI Agile certification further.


Important information to note:

Initial pilot for certification application will start around mid May-2011

Those who wish to be certified must prove they have at least 1500 hours of Agile project management experience, as well as the usual required PMI hours.   So if you had an overall PM experience of 5000 hours at least 1500 must be managing Agile Projects.

You need at least 21 hours of agile training, courses that are recognized can be found on the www.pmi.org website.   The good news is that some web seminars will be recognized.   Further at this time, you may apply and be approved for certification prior to taking any training, as long as you promise to take the course at a future specified date.

Finally you must pass the test – more information to come.

Once you have obtained your Agile certification to maintain it you must acquire at least 30PDU’s every 3 years.  If you are already a PMP and then acquire PMI Agile certification the original 60PDU’s per 3 years still applies only now 30 of those should be directly towards Agile management/participation.


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