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On-Line Project Management Tools Review -  Smartsheet





If you want a simplified version of MS Project, and still retain something with bit more sophistication then a spreadsheet, coupled with easy collaboration then I would suggest looking at this product


  •          Import from Microsoft Project or Excel
  •          Tasks and sub tasks (multiple-levels)
  •          Status, Assigned To, Milestones
  •          Gantt Chart, Grid and Calendar view options
  •          Task dependencies
  •          Customizable project fields
  •          On-line sharing
  •          File attachments on any task
  •          Discussion & comments
  •          Email notifications & reminders
  •          View history of changes
  •          Report across multiple projects
  •          Attach Google Docs to any row in Smartsheet
  •          Google Calendar integration
  •          Open attached MS Office docs as Google Docs
  •          Import and export Google Spreadsheets
  •          Import Google Contacts

There is a number of good reason to use this product. 

First of all it’s easy to share with everyone and anyone.  I have always been hindered  when I have to share the project information by the fact that much of my staff or sponsor’s don’t have to MS Project.  Unless you work for an organization that has Microsoft’s Project Server and/or SharePoint distributing the information is not easy.  Usually I have to print to PDF or transcribe it to a spreadsheet that everyone can see. 

I also love the close Integration with Google products, such Gmail, and the ability to overlay the Smartsheet calendar with your own in order to view conflicts.

Hint:  Integrate the Google Calendar’s of other team members then overlay the Smartsheet calendar, this will allow you to see If there are any existing conflicts for the whole team.

It’s the 20% of Project manager that 80% of us use. 

The only negative is, that it is on the pricy side, you do get a 30day free trial but after that it’s $9.95 per month for the Basic service and goes up to $149.00 per month for the Enterprise version.  But when compared other solutions out there not bad.

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for sharing the important features of MS Microsoft project management tool, I was looking for it, found it helpful.

July 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAgile ALM

Being an IT guy I am glad to say that after using Bootstraptoday a project management tool

i need not to worry about daily tasks and tickets as BST brings intelligence and

integration into the software developent lifecycle and detection of bugs becomes quicker

saving a lot of time and project cost. Apart from cloud/online it is also available as In

house set up. An insight of the tool can be experienced at http://zfer.us/AeiG9

March 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJimson Carlos

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