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Getting your PMI-Agile Certification

Over the last few years I have been dealing with variations of the Agile methodology.   Not only leading software development project, but introducing the Agile methodology to those organizations that wanted to achieve greater efficiency.

In some cases the full methodology was instigated in other cases it was partial, but overall it was successful.

There are a number of variations of Agile out there such as Scrum, XP, Lean Agile, Kanban, ect.  Each methodology on its own has pros and cons, often I would use a combination of procedures to come up with what is the most suitable set of actions for any particular organization.  

However I had always felt uncomfortable that the Agile arena was somewhat fragmented.  No one clear item I could point the new Agile inductees and set them on a clear course. So when PMI came out with an Agile certification I was delighted to able to have one set standard I could use as a  guide.

I had decided to take the PMI-Agile course, and I will also write the exam, in order ensure that I can maintain the required standards.

My adventure started when I made the decision to take an PMI-Agile course. As the PMI-Agile certification is fairly new the number of schools offering it was rather limited, but there are a few. 

After some research I had decided to go with the Agile Transformation team.  They had provided Agile training and consultation for many years and their representative Stu Weinberg was very good at answering all my questions as I researched which would be right course for me. 

The course itself was thought by Bryan Tew, I found him to be informative and engaging.  Not only did Bryan present the information required to pass the PMI-Agile exam but also what is required in real life scenarios to successfully manage an Agile project.   

There is also an added bonus that once you take the course you have access to multiple sample exam questions to help you prepare for the PMI-Agile test.

I would highly recommend their course, check them out at: www.agiletraining.com

 Over the next few weeks I will post sever articles as I go through the steps required to get your PMI-Agile certification, so please check back for the next article, what you need to qualify


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