On-Line Project Management Tools Review - JIRA Studio 


I have used JIRA in the past and have found it an excellent tool for tracking:  Issues, Risks, Bug Tracking, and Scope Changes.   It integrates for Gmail, you can set it up that for certain issues, the required people are emailed so nothing is missed.

It is created around a team-centric view, so collaboration is easy and well laid out.


Some of it’s more notable features are:

 Subversion source control 
* JIRA issue tracking 
* Agile planning and project management 
* Continuous integration 
* Wiki and collaboration 
* Peer code review 
* Source code search, browsing and metrics 

Integration with Google Apps

* Activity Bar: put issues, code reviews, build results, email, events at the fingertips of every user. 
* Google Chat within JIRA Studio: real-time communication and build notifications. 
* Google Docs in wiki pages: embed individual docs or lists of docs. 
* Google Docs attached to JIRA issues: attach Google Docs to JIRA issues, with single-click preview. 
* Exchange gadgets: add Google gadgets to JIRA Studio, and JIRA Studio gadgets to Gmail or Google Sites. 
* Integrated user management: auto-login to JIRA Studio using your Google Apps account.

I love this application the only disappointing part is the cost of using it via Google Apps.


At s $25/month per user,  for even a small team the costs can add up quickly, this app is far more affordable if you purchase it and install it on your own servers and run it locally.  A shame because for me part of the attractions to the Google Apps market place is that Software publishers can afford to bring their prices down due to extra volume they receive by participating in the marketplace.




On-Line Project Management Tools - Gantter Project

There is really not much to say about this products, simply put this is a very basic no frills replacement for MS Project.

It’s outstanding features are that it can import MS Project files, or allow you easily create new ones through the program its self and that you can share your work with others.

It integrates via Google docs so it’s handy for saving files.

While this may not be the best MS Project replacement it is totally free, and it works well.

There have been some reports of lost data, but I have been testing this product myself for the last six months with no problems.


PMI's Agile Certification

Recently PMI has announced that it will be offering an Agile certification.   

As this is just the beginning you can bet that there will be many iterations before this finalized.

However for those interested in getting on the ground floor visit it contains all the information regarding this initiative.

As I am interested in this I will be posting regular updates as the certification progresses.

Before I go into further details, I would like to acknowledge that I have seen a number of debates regarding the usefulness of this or any other certification.  As well as what makes this any better then those who posses certification such as (CSM) Certified Scrum Master, see

It’s not my attempt to try and persuade anyone as to which is better or the value of certification in general but provide simple fact for those who are interested in pursuing PMI Agile certification further.


Important information to note:

Initial pilot for certification application will start around mid May-2011

Those who wish to be certified must prove they have at least 1500 hours of Agile project management experience, as well as the usual required PMI hours.   So if you had an overall PM experience of 5000 hours at least 1500 must be managing Agile Projects.

You need at least 21 hours of agile training, courses that are recognized can be found on the website.   The good news is that some web seminars will be recognized.   Further at this time, you may apply and be approved for certification prior to taking any training, as long as you promise to take the course at a future specified date.

Finally you must pass the test – more information to come.

Once you have obtained your Agile certification to maintain it you must acquire at least 30PDU’s every 3 years.  If you are already a PMP and then acquire PMI Agile certification the original 60PDU’s per 3 years still applies only now 30 of those should be directly towards Agile management/participation.



On-Line Project Management Tools Review -  Smartsheet




If you want a simplified version of MS Project, and still retain something with bit more sophistication then a spreadsheet, coupled with easy collaboration then I would suggest looking at this product


  •          Import from Microsoft Project or Excel
  •          Tasks and sub tasks (multiple-levels)
  •          Status, Assigned To, Milestones
  •          Gantt Chart, Grid and Calendar view options
  •          Task dependencies
  •          Customizable project fields
  •          On-line sharing
  •          File attachments on any task
  •          Discussion & comments
  •          Email notifications & reminders
  •          View history of changes
  •          Report across multiple projects
  •          Attach Google Docs to any row in Smartsheet
  •          Google Calendar integration
  •          Open attached MS Office docs as Google Docs
  •          Import and export Google Spreadsheets
  •          Import Google Contacts

There is a number of good reason to use this product. 

First of all it’s easy to share with everyone and anyone.  I have always been hindered  when I have to share the project information by the fact that much of my staff or sponsor’s don’t have to MS Project.  Unless you work for an organization that has Microsoft’s Project Server and/or SharePoint distributing the information is not easy.  Usually I have to print to PDF or transcribe it to a spreadsheet that everyone can see. 

I also love the close Integration with Google products, such Gmail, and the ability to overlay the Smartsheet calendar with your own in order to view conflicts.

Hint:  Integrate the Google Calendar’s of other team members then overlay the Smartsheet calendar, this will allow you to see If there are any existing conflicts for the whole team.

It’s the 20% of Project manager that 80% of us use. 

The only negative is, that it is on the pricy side, you do get a 30day free trial but after that it’s $9.95 per month for the Basic service and goes up to $149.00 per month for the Enterprise version.  But when compared other solutions out there not bad.


On-Line Project Management Tools

 As much as I love the improved features of MS Project 2010, recently I have been experimenting with alternative project management and collaborative software.  

First stop Google’s Apps Marketplace


Currently there are 40 applications dedicated to project management.

I have selected 5 I have found  to be best and will give an in-depth review of each one.

I will review their pros and cons.   While none of them are as robust as Microsoft’s Project tools they are much cheaper, in some cases free, and because they all reside in the cloud, the have the potential to become instant collaboration tools.


Have a look for your self and let me know what your favorites are and why.

  1. Manymoon: Free Social Productivity, Project Management & Task Management
  2. Smartsheet Project Management for Google Apps
  3. Gantter Project
  4. Mavenlink Web Collaboration: Manage Projects, Docs, Tasks, Time & Payments
  5. Teambox Project Collaboration
  6. Viewpath: High-Performance Project Management and Task Collaboration
  7. Harvest - Simple Time Tracking and Timesheets
  8. Glasscubes - Free Collaboration tool and Project Management
  9. JIRA Studio - Software Development Tools
  10. Comindwork - free Gantt, workflows and to-dos; fully customizable.
  11. Zoho Projects: Free Project Management Collaboration Tool with Issue tracking
  12. Gcamp
  13. MeetingMix: Run Productive Meetings
  15. Gravity: Agile Project Management (software)
  16. Thymer
  17. Cube Time & Expense Tracker
  18. BeeBole: Timesheet, Reports and More ...
  19. EmForge Portal: Project Collaboration Platform
  20. Business Idea Evaluation Tool
  21. DeskAway - Simplify Work
  22. Acunote - Scrum, Agile and IT Project Management, Wiki (Free for 5 Users)
  23. ToBeeDo
  24. VeoProject Online Project Management
  25. Wrike: Email-Integrated Online Project Management
  26. ProjectGoo
  27. Lean Project Management based on kanban
  28. 5pm: project and task management, time tracking and team collaboration
  29. Covide Projectadministratie
  30. Rapid Task – Powerfull ToDo list you can share
  31. Bright Green Projects | Agile | Scrum | Kanban
  32. Acunote - Scrum, Agile and IT Project Management, Wiki (Free for 5 Users)
  33. Thymer
  34. Gravity: Agile Project Management (software)
  35. Simple ERP with Project Management, Invoicing & CRM WorkforceTrack
  36. Channel: Free Gmail Contextual Gadget for Projects
  37. iGTask for iCal
  38. Team Up
  39. Seavus Project Viewer
  40. Channel: Free Gmail Contextual Gadget for Sourcing