PMP Certification Help

I have uploaded some documents that helped me get through the PMP Exam. 

Here are some worksheets to help you make sense of the PMP Fourth Edition

Included is a summery of the entire PMBOK 4th Edition.


What helped me pass the PMP exam was I read the PMBOK a couple of times, and I also used the Head First PMP book, it's a great book with lot's of sample questions to help you remember the lessons.


As always if you have any questions I will do my best to assist.


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    Earned Value Formulas

    A summery of the Earned Value formulas you will need for the test
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    PMBOK - Knowledge Areas Summary

    The Big Picture - A quick look at all the knowledge areas of the PMBOK, their Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs.
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    PMBOK - Summary

    This is a summarized version of the PMBOK Guide 4th edition. This is not to replace the guide but to help you focus on the important points. I am posting this under Creative common licence as a word doc to be used by others. Please do not use this for profit and leave the original credits to me. Should have any suggestions on making improvements to it, please let me know.
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    PMBOK Precedence Diagram

    Critical Chain / Precedence Diagram example using a working copy on an Excel spreadsheet with full explanations of forward and backwards pass.